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Parking Guidelines

Examples of correctly parked vehicles:

Displaying valid parking permit on Trust land

Whilst it's not necessary to display a tax disc now, vehicles must still have valid road tax.  The vehicle permit is automatically voided if the vehicle is not capable of being legally driven on a public road – i.e. it must have valid insurance, tax and MOT (where applicable) and such vehicles could get a PCN, without warning.  Vehicles with SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) cannot be parked on Trust roads or land.

Parking in a Bay on Trust land

Parking in own Garage (permit not required) 

Parking in own drive (permit not required)

Examples of incorrectly parked vehicles:

Tyres on curb

On a white line on a curb

On cross hatchings

On others' entrances

Outside garages on trust land

UK Car Park Management Customer Services Tel: 0845 463 5050


Web: www.uk-carparkmanagement.co.uk


Email/Contact: www.uk-carparkmanagement.co.uk/contact-us

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For ALL Trust matters, please contact the Managing Agents:


HML Andertons Ltd
94 Park Lane,
Croydon, Surrey,


Email: info@hmlandertons.com


HML Andertons Website: http://www.hmlandertons.com


Telephone: 0330 300 0002


Out of hour’s service for evenings and weekends is 0345 601 2422


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Contacting the Trust:

If you have a problem with the communal land that you are unable to resolve with the Managing Agents, please contact the Trustees.


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