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Questions regarding the Parking Scheme

1. My car is too large to fit in my garage, where do I park?

You may park in a bay using your Permit if you have one or if the bays are occupied use one of the many adjacent main road Council parking bays that are free evenings and Sundays (See 12 and 13).  

2. Our family has two cars, one is garaged, where can I park the second one?  See (1)

3. I store furniture in my garage instead of my car, where can I park my car?  See (1)

4. My landlord doesn’t give me the Permit, where do I park?

If you have use of the garage you can use that or else use one of the adjacent main road Council bays.

5. If I am having a function, can I request additional parking?

Due to limited parking spaces it is not possible to provide addtional parking as it takes away spaces from other residents.  You will need to use one of the many adjacent main road Council bays.

6. I don't have a car but I have a visitor coming by car

Your visitor may borrow your Permit to park in a permitted area– but make sure they hand it back when they leave.

7. I am a taxi driver / delivery man and need to stop outside dwellings while picking up, dropping off.

If you are in attendance of your vehicle and are able to move it if required then you are not ‘parked’ and unlikely to be ticketed.

8. I am disabled and have a blue badge so can I park on the road? 

Unfortunately no special exemptions apply due to limited space.

9. I am an emergency vehicle driver (Ambulance, Fire Tender, Police Car, Doctor, Breakdown recovery vehicle) and need to park on a white line, can I be ticketed? 

These parking restrictions do not apply to recognisable emergency vehicles.

10. I have helpers in unmarked vehicles delivering / giving daily assistance, how should they park?

If you have been provided with a visitors permit by the proprietor (as you are meals on wheels, daily home care etc) – you can use a parking bay if one is free.

11. I’ve lost my Parking Permit, how do I get a replacement?

All Proprietors are issued one Parking Permit each at the commencement of the Scheme and only Proprietors may request a replacement from HML Andertons, which is chargeable, unless the original (being worn or damaged) is presented, when no charge applies. After replacement the original will be invalid.

12. What do I do if I feel have grounds to appeal against the parking charge notice I have received?

You must contact the Parking Operating Company (UK-CPM) and comply with the regulations immediately to avoid receiving further parking charge notices. Their enquiries/appeals procedure details this process in full at the back of the parking charge notice including how to provide evidence. Any driver appealing within 14 days from the date of issue will be given the opportunity to provide payment at the reduced rate in the event that their appeal is unsuccessful. All appeals must be made in writing and sent to:

Appeals Department
PO Box 3114
BN15 5BR

13. Who is the Parking Operator?


UK Car Park Management Limited (UK-CPM) is the appointed operator for the Scheme. Signage relating is in place on the Estate.

14. Can I photocopy a pass and use that instead of the original?


Photocopying of a pass is strictly prohibited and any vehicle displaying a photocopied pass will incur a Parking Charge Notice in contravention of the rules. It is also in contravention of copyright and as such any one doing this may be pursued separately for this by UK-CPM. In addition, the original of the photocopy will be cancelled and will require re-application with the appropriate fee. 

15. Is registration of my vehicle sufficient to avoid a PCN, and what if the permit slips down the dashboard?

Please ensure you display a valid parking permit; registration of a vehicle with the estate’s agents is not sufficient to avoid a PCN, as the vehicle could be parked on a white line, a bend or over the complement of a “fair use” policy on Parking. We all need to be fair to our fellow residents with the number of vehicles we park on the estate.

Once displayed on a dashboard a permit should be clearly visible as per when a council meter ticket is used on off street parking around the borough. It is your responsibility to ensure this is displayed properly to identify it as a vehicle that is in line with the scheme’s rules. Vehicles should be taxed ans SORN is not permitted on Trust land..

16. Further questions about the Scheme?


We have tried to be as comprehensive as we can but if you have further questions HML Andertons, the managing agent for Turnpike Hill Estate, will be happy to provide an answer.

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