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Parking Permit Rules

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Apply For A Permit
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The parking scheme designed is to manage the limited spaces we have and to deter inconsiderate parking. It came into effect in April 2011 and has been running successfully since. 
Where may I Park? 
The Parking Permits allow the vehicle displaying it to park in a marked space or on the roads but not on pavements or on white lines or crosshatchings. Signs have been erected to indicate restricted parking. A permit MUST be displayed when parking on Trust land. 
No permit is needed where you park in a garage or on your own driveway. Parking on someone else’s driveway or blocking it in anyway without permission is an offence of trespass. 

Parking anywhere in the Garage compounds is not permitted. The only exception is the garage area at the lower end of Leyburn Gardens where parking with a permit is permitted in the marked bays only. 
Who may apply for a Permit? 
Registered Proprietors or their accredited Agents who have paid the Garden Rate can apply for Permits on behalf of themselves, their resident family or tenants. There will be a maximum of 2 Permits per property to cover one car registered at the property's address on the estate and a visitor. The period of validity is one year. 


Please note this does not mean an automatic 2 permits per property. 
You must take care to ensure that Visitors have a Permit or make arrangements for them to park on a driveway. The Trust cannot guarantee that there will be enough spaces available. 
What if I have more than two cars? 
We are aware that if every proprietor regardless of whether they have a garage or a driveway applied for 2 Permits we would have more cars authorised to park. The Trust reserves the right to revise the terms of this scheme. 
Your Trustees, the Managing Agents and the Parking Contractor will endeavour to operate this scheme to achieve the objectives stated in the opening paragraph and not to cause residents inconvenience or concern. The easiest way is to park on your own property and apply only for the Permits that you really need. 
Untaxed vehicles must not be parked on any Trust property. 
Misuse of Permits: 
If there is any misuse of “selling” or “renting” Permits, that address will have its Permits cancelled for the remainder of the period of validity, and the permits issued will be reviewed at appropriate intervals to ensure only those who are entitled have them 
What if I lose or damage the issued Permit? 
Landlords and Sellers should note that where there is a change of residency, it will be necessary to retrieve the Permit. If a Permit is lost, it will be cancelled and a new one issued for a fee of £20. Damaged Permits, if returned, will be re-issued free of charge. 

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