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Contacting the Trustees

How should I contact the Trustees, I have a legal issue with the Trust?

Over the years, the various trustees have had to deal with a number of generic enquiries and allegations of a legal nature from a handful of owners. Sometimes, it has appeared that the intention is just to make the trustees’ lives difficult by constantly raising spurious points and demanding replies. None of this has ever benefited the estate and it has often distracted trustees from more important work for everybody.

The trustees have considered with the Trust’s solicitors how to deal with such approaches in future. One of the difficulties is that a few owners seem to take delight in trying to score legal points against the trustees, even though the owners have no real training or experience in the law. We understand they research so-called legal advice internet sites all over the world, which pretend to tell people what their rights are and how to go about enforcing them, while in reality spreading a lot of misinformation and helping nobody. Even when they hit upon a site that makes sense, they misunderstand and misapply what the sites say. Occasionally, owners will allege that they have been given advice by solicitors, but they fail to get their solicitors to come forward with an articulate professional opinion when challenged to. Second-hand legal opinions are never worthwhile, because there is always room for misunderstanding and manipulation of what has been said. Yet the trustees have had to spend the Trust’s money on legal advice to give answers each time, so increasing the estate fees that everybody has to pay.

The trustees have therefore decided that they will no longer attempt, either individually or as a group, to answer any questions or criticisms that have legal implications. Instead, if any owner believes that the trustees are in some way not complying with their legal duties, they should consult their own solicitors first, and instruct the solicitors to write to the trustees if they advise that there is a case to answer. The trustees will then ask the Trust’s solicitors to discuss the issues with the owner’s solicitors, and to advise the trustees about the result of the discussions. If it turns out that the owner and their solicitors have a good point, the trustees will act on it appropriately and change whatever has to be changed.

Obviously, the trustees will always be happy to communicate with owners about any practical and financial matters concerning the Trust Lands, which do not involve legal issues.


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Contacting the Trust:

If you have a problem with the communal land that you are unable to resolve with the Managing Agents, please contact the Trustees.


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