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Perimeter Railing & Pedestrian Gates (New)

Fencing and pedestrian gates are now being installed and will be locked as soon as they are installed.  They will be accessible by a code on the keypad and proprieters will have received a letter from HML Andertons specifying that code.  The three main vehicular/footpath entrances will remain open for deliveries, post and other visitors and are covered by CCTV.  Click here for FAQ's on gates and railings.

GDPR Policy 

Click here for our GDPR Policy in Newsletter and Information

All Parking Permits Expire on 15th February EVERY YEAR

Please note, ALL of the current parking permits expire on 15th February EVERY YEAR, the application process will begin shortly after the Garden Rateis issued. 

  • The Current Garden Rate and any previous balances must be paid in full before new permits can be issued.
  • Only the property owner can apply for permits, landlords must apply on behalf of their tenants.
  • Vehicle permits can only be issued to vehicles registered at the address on the estate or sufficient evidence must be provided if it is not.
  • Please ensure you make your application in plenty of time to allow the permits to be issued and in place before the old ones expire.
  • Applications can be downloaded from the Trust’s website by using the following link: Apply for a Permit (paper copies can be picked up from HML Andertons offices on request).
  • The new permits will be issued by the end of January each year. 
  • Vehicles without new permits from 16th February each year are at risk of receiving a Penaly Charge Notice.


Security on the Estate - Anti Social Behaviour - CCTV


Anti social behaviour in the first instance should be reported to the police. Do not hesitate to call 999 if an incident needs immediate police support. Dial 101 to report to the police any other activity that is causing concern, this also ensures the the police are aware; if its not reported, the police do not know there is an issue to deal with.


The Trust is always concerned about any incidents of crime on the estate. We work with the police (safer Neighbourhood team) and other key stakeholders such as local MPs and councillors.  Where available CCTV footage has been provided to the police to help combat crime.


When reqesting CCTV footage, the property manager at HML Andertons will require an accurate timeframe and location and a crime reference number.  Please note CCTV footage will only be released to the relevant authority.



Parking is controlled by UK-CPM.  Any residents receiving a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) must follow the process detailed at the back of the PCN, and contact them directly. They follow an appeals process, and are approved by the British Parking Association (BPA).


Please ensure you display a valid parking permit; registration of a vehicle with the estate’s agents is not sufficient to avoid a PCN, as the vehicle could be parked on a white line, a bend or over the complement of a “fair use” policy on Parking. We all need to be fair to our fellow residents with the number of vehicles we park on the estate.

If you think you have received a parking charge notice in error, you must contact the Parking Operating Company and comply with the regulations immediately to avoid receiving further parking charge notices. Their enquiries/appeals process is described in full at the back of the parking charge notice.


All appeals must be made in writing and sent to:

Appeals Department, UK CPM, PO Box 3114, Lancing, BN15 5BR

If you need to apply for a permit, please email our agents: 

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For ALL Trust matters, please contact the Managing Agents:


HML Andertons Ltd
94 Park Lane,
Croydon, Surrey,


Email: info@hmlandertons.com


HML Andertons Website: http://www.hmlandertons.com


Telephone: 0330 300 0002


Out of hour’s service for evenings and weekends is 0345 601 2422


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Contacting the Trust:

If you have a problem with the communal land that you are unable to resolve with the Managing Agents, please contact the Trustees.


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